The Idiot's Guide to trn

It does take time to learn your way round trn but its worth it! Maybe you could get some trn wizzard to show you, then you'll become a trn advocate like the rest :)

Suggestions for thread following are:

In the thread selector use '.' and ',' to select/junk threads, or just use the letters that appear next to each thread. Selected threads will have a '+' next to them, deselected will have a '-'. These will be junked, those with nothing haven't been selected or junked as yet. To remove a '+' or '-' hit '.' or ',' or the letter again.

When finished use either <space> or <enter> to start reading the selected threads, then return to the thread selector for some more, or 'X' to mark all unselected threads as junked and read the selected ones. This is useful in uk.politics.

'c' catches up the whole group. 'u' when reading unsubscribes. 'h' tells you about all those other interesting commands you can use.

Also when reading:

Oh, and I don't think the ``Are You Sure'' question should appear after the posting, but it is good to have it there as a reminder, especialy to new users. Theres too much danger of accidently hitting 'n' after slaving away over that huge article and losing all the work (unless you recover dead.article)

The only complaint I have is that AFAIK you have to be reading an article in order to post. OK so this prevents the user posting to a group without having read at least some of it, but if I want to post something to I have to wait for the

``threading 3000odd articles ............................''

which takes some time.

- Richard

Wizzard?? No I don't read Terry Pratchet books, honest!

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