The Library and Crib Sheet Of Brasilia

Last updated 20 November 2007 aka Winter 1522

Reading Books
Writing Books
Copying Books
House Rules and guidelines
Magic Theory
New spells
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How to read these books

The numbers (P188)

For LQs and Summae, the number before the slash is the level of the book, and the number after is its quality.
For spells, the number is the level of the spell
Nobody cares about Tractati, do they?

You never get more than enough experience to increase a score by more than three full levels.
You only get one fifth the stated experience (rounding up) in a Knowledge (i.e. Magic Theory).
You may get other bonuses or penalties depending on your character. Common bonuses are:

Libri Quaestionum (P189)

You may study each LQ only once. This takes one season.
You get Int+Conc+Quality-5*abs(Score-Level) experience in the art, where "Score" is your score in that art. Add 2 if you are a Book Learner.

Summae (P188)

You may study a Summa as many times as you like so long as your score in the art is less than its level. This takes one season each time. It is not possible to use a Summa to increase your score beyond the level of that Summa.
You get Int+Conc+Quality experience in the art. Add 2 if you are a Book Learner.

Spells (P80)

If your Technique+Form+Int+Magic Theory exceeds the level of the spell, you can learn it in one season.
All spells listed here are as found in the AM4 rulebook, except those marked with NEW! which are invented spells, with details listed at the end of this document.

How to write new books

Libri Quaestionum (P189)

Writing an LQ takes one season. The target level may be anything up to one third of your level in that art (your choice).
The resulting quality is determined by your Communication+Scribe+6. Add 3 if you are a Strong Writer.

Summae (P188)

The maximum level of a Summa is one half of your level in that art, and must be chosen at the start of the process. Each season that you spend writing a Summa will give you a number of points equal to Communication+Scribe. Add 2 to this total if you are a Strong Writer. When the total points gained reaches the desired level of the Summa, it is completed. The quality of the completed work is Communication+Scribe+3. Add 3 if you are a Strong Writer.

Spells (P82)

Writing up spells that you know so that other magi can use them is slow: you can write up to Scribe Latin*20 levels in a season, or Scribe Latin*40 if you are a Strong Writer.

Copying books

Libri Quaestionum (P189)

You may write up to your Scribe Latin copies of a given LQ in one season.

Summae (P188)

You can copy up to 3*(Scribe Latin+Dexterity) levels of Summa per season, or 4*(Scribe Latin+Dexterity) if you are a Strong Writer.

Spells (P82)

Copying already-written spells is fast: you can write up to Scribe Latin*60 levels in a season, or Scribe Latin*90 if you are a Strong Writer.

(Miscellaneous) House Rules

Aging rules

The required magnitude of your Intellego Corpus lab total is:

5 + (no. of decades in your age) + 1 for each decrepitude point - living condition bonus (1 for Brasilia).

You must spend pawn of Vim vis for every 5 years of your age minimum. You may then add additional vis up to the usual maximum of your Vim score.

Extracting vis

You can extract up to

(Creo+Vim+Magic Theory+(3*aura)+Intelligence)/10

(rounding down) pawns of Vim vis per season. You gain an experience point in Magic Theory for each season spent extracting vis.

Magic Theory

"The Elements of Magic" Summa 10/6
"Hermetic Practice" LQ 12/9
"Discourse on Obscure Points of Magical Theory Number 1" LQ 14/10
"Discourse on Obscure Points of Magical Theory Number 2" LQ 17/10
"The Great Game" Summa 5/11
"Magicks of the Guinea coast" 2 volumes, one "superceding" the other... Summa 3/5 and 6/ 5



"On Creation" several volumes LQ 3/5, 6/5, 9/6, 12/8
"A study on the creation of fresh water
Tract on Mighty Torrent of Water (CrAq 15)"
"Creo for Dummies" LQ 0/6
"Fabrication" from Great Covenant - 3 copies Summa 22/10


"Studying the enigma" LQ 3/6
"Lessons in learning" LQ 6/6
"On Justice - volume 1" by Caecilius LQ 8/10
"On Justice - volume 4" by Caecilius, gained W1495 LQ 10/15
"Falsifying the false" LQ 12/9
"Failure to understand" LQ 0/6
"Extracting Confessions" by John the Bastard (Guernicus of Stonehenge) Summa 37/12


"Eternal Change" 2 copies Summa 12/7
"The Conundrum" LQ 14/5
"All Change" by Laudus LQ 0/7


"The True Technique" LQ 12/4
"Death Of All Things" several volumes LQ 0/6, 3/7, 6/9, 9/7, 15/8
"Destructions and true creation" LQ 20/12


"Mastering Mastery of the Elements" Summa 13/5
"Control" LQ 0/3
"Defensive and Offensive" LQ 3/4
"Motion is Life" 3 volumes LQ 7/7 10/7 13/7



"Bestiary" several volumes LQ 0/-1, 2/-1, 4/0, 6/1, 9/1, 12/2, 15/3
"Of those of land, sea and air" LQ 18/3
"The Soulless Mundanes" LQ 21/4
"On the Morning of the Sixth Day" Summa 9/13
"Serpents of the Air" Summa 21/7


"Study of the Oceans" several volumes LQ 0/3, 3/3, 6/4, 8/5
"Rivers: Water and Change" LQ 15/6
"On the natures of liquids"
Tract on "subtle taste of poison and Purity" (InAq 5)


"Mastering the turn of the storm" Summa 21/7
"The Passive Element" LQ 22/8
"Air contrasted with rock" by Petronius LQ 0/10
"A Pillar of Cloud" Summa 34/9


"Apothecarie" LQ 0/3
"Discourse on the body of a condemned criminal" LQ 3/6
"Humanity" several volumes LQ 5/6, 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, 15/7, 18/7, 21/7


"The Apple and Man" LQ 0/-1
"Plants of Portugal" several volumes Summa 5/0
"Plants of Guinea" LQ 5/3
"Magics of the plants" LQ 8/3
"Hesperides" LQ 11/4
"In vino veritas" LQ 14/4
"Study of the Seasons" by Laura of Bjoernaer, gained Su1521 Summa 20/9


By Julius:
"Hot Stuff" LQ 0/8
"Flames of Passion" LQ 3/8
"Discovering Inferno" LQ 6/8
"Everybody Down" Summa 9/11
By Louis Maximus:
"The Purging Element" (scrambled, unusable) LQ 0/2
"Cleanliness" (scrambled, unusable) LQ 3/3
"On purity and flame" (scrambled, unusable) LQ 6/4
"Fire" several volumes (scrambled, unusable) LQ 9/5
"How to cook" (scrambled, unusable) LQ 11/5


"Truth" LQ 0/4
"Mimicking the Glamour" by Taurus LQ 3/6
"In the images" LQ 6/6
"Discourse on a well known spell"
Tract on "Veil of invisibility" (PeIm 10)
"On Justice - volume 3" by Caecilius LQ 15/8


"The Human Mind" Summa 5/3
"Who hesitates" LQ 5/3
"On the nature of philosophy" LQ 8/3
"Magic and the mind" LQ 11/3
"Transcript of a discussion on the destruction of free will" LQ 12/3
"Free will" two volumes, by different authors, disputing each other, effectively one book LQ 14/3
"On Justice - volume 2" by Caecilius LQ 16/8
"Mind - the Gap" by Esteban LQ 0/9


"The basis of the world" LQ 0/3
"Foundations of magic" LQ 3/3
"On The Fluidity of Rock" by Petronius LQ 3/10
"Study of rock formations in Guinea"
Tract on "Stone Tell of the Mind that sits" (InTe 30)
"The conundrum of the fluid magical nature of rock" Summa 8/4
"The theory of stones" LQ 12/6


"The Quintessence" several volumes LQ 0/3, 3/3, 6/3, 8/4
"The Nature of Magic" several volumes Summa 15/4
"Embracing The Enigma" 3 volumes Summa 11/2, 22/7, 30/7 (2 copies)


In many volumes each stamped with the coat of arms of Sagres, except where noted.

Creo Animal

Full Health Of Beast and Bird 5, 15
Soothe Pains of beast 20

Muto Animal

Opening the tome of the Animals mind 25
Beast of Outlandish Size 15
Immaculate Beast 15
Beast Remade 25

Perdo Animal

Alleviate the serpents bite 5
Cripple the howling wolf 20
Falcons hood 20

Rego Animal

Ward against beasts of legend 5, 25
Soothe the ferocious boar 5
Panic of the elephants mouse 15
Gentle Beast 20
Mastering the unruly beast 25

Creo Aquam

Creeping Oil 10
Mighty Torrent of Water 15
Lungs of Death and Water 15
A Home for Fish by Esteban 20 NEW!
Breaking the perpetual drought 30

Intellego Aquam

Subtle taste of poison and purity 5
Call of the rushing water 15

Muto Aquam

Lungs of the Fish (Req: Au) 10
Incantation of Putrid Wine 15
Bridge of Frost (Req: Te) 30

Perdo Aquam

Parching wind 10
Curse of the desert 20

Rego Aquam

Cloak of duck's feathers 5
Ward against faeries of the water 10, 20, 40, 45
Break the oncoming wave 10
Gift of the Floating wood 15
Push of the gentle wave 15
Parting the waves 30

Creo Auram

Jupiter's resounding blow 10
Stench of 20 corpses 10
Charge of angry winds 15
Clouds of Rain and Thunder 25
Esteban's Resounding Blow by Esteban 35 NEW!
Fulgarous Orb (Grimoire P157) 35
Incantation of Lightning 35
Saint Elmo's Fiery Armour by Esteban 45 NEW!
Wrath of Whirling Winds and Water 60

Intellego Auram

Sailors Foretaste of the Morrow 25
Read the Eolian Tapestry by Esteban 30 NEW!

Muto Auram

Clouds of thunderous might 20
Rain of stones (Req: Te) 20
Infernal smoke of death (Req: Pe) 40

Perdo Auram

Thief of stolen breath 10
Quiet raging winds 20
Cloudless Sky returned 35

Rego Auram

Broom of winds 15
Circling Winds of Protection 15
Wings of the Soaring Winds (AM p121) 20
The Travelling Thistledown (Grimoire p158) 20
Prison of the Zephyrs (Grimoire p158) 25
Gather storms of might 30

Creo Corpus

Bind Wound 10
Gentle touch of purified body 15
Chirurgeon's Healing Touch 20
Restoration of defiled body 25
Incantation of body made whole 40
Shadow of life renewed 75

Intellego Corpus

Sight of True Form 5, 15, 35
Whispers thru black gate 15
Inexorable search 20
Sight of Life's Light by Julius 25 NEW!

Muto Corpus

Disguise of new visage 15
Gift of bears fortitude 25
Curse of Circe 35
Curse of Felix 40
Cloak of Mist (Req: Au, Aq) 40

Perdo Corpus

Invocation of Weariness 10
Grip of choking hand 15
Wound that weeps 15
Confound the connection 25
Muezzin's Call by Aertes 25 NEW!
Twist of tongue 30
Incantation of Milky Eyes 30
Clenching grasp of the crushed heart 40
The revenge of the spirit of death by Secunda 75

Rego Corpus

Curse of the unruly tongue 5
Rise of Feathery body 5
Endurance of the Berserkers 15
Leap of Homecoming 35
Seven league stride 35
Walking Corpse 45

Creo Herbam

Conjure the sturdy vine 10
Wall of Thorns 20
Wall of living wood 25
Bountiful Feast 30

Intellego Herbam

Hunt for the wild Herb 15
Converse with Plant and Tree 25
Call Council of the Trees 45

Muto Herbam

Rope of bronze (Req: Te) 15
Twist the living tree 20
Piercing Shaft of Wood 25

Perdo Herbam

Curse of rotted wood 5
Wizard's autumn 15
Great Rot 25
Treading ashen path 30

Rego Herbam

Ward against the Fay of wood 15,25
Repel wooden shafts 10
Tangle of Wood and Thorns 15
Treacherous spear 25

Creo Ignem

Palm of Flame 5
Heat of Soaring forge 10
Blade of Virulent flame 20
Pilum of Fire 20
Instill All-Melting Heat (Req: form of target) by Petronius 20 NEW!
Arc of fiery ribbons 25
Ball of abysmal flame 35
Circle of Encompassing flames 35

Intellego Ignem

Shadows of fires past 5
Eyes of the flame 35

Muto Ignem

Many hued conflagration 5
Hornet Fire (Req: Re) 10
Prison of flames 15
Trapping the Fire (Req: Te) 25
Flames of sculpted Ice (Req: Te) 35

Perdo Ignem

Sooth raging flame 15
Conjuration of indubitable cold 20
Instill All-Freezing Cold (Req: form of target) by Petronius 20 NEW!
Wizards eclipse 35

Rego Ignem

Light Shaft of the Night 10
Leap of Fire 20
Ward against heat and flames 25

Creo Imaginem

Miguel's Cantrip by Aertes 4 NEW!
Restore lost Image 5, 15, 30
Mirror to the Mind's Eye by Aertes 15 NEW!
Phantasmal Animal 20
Phantasmal Fire 20
Phantasm of human form 25
Shadow of Human Life 40

Intellego Imaginem

Discern Images of Truth and Falsehood 30
Eyes of the past 20
Summon distant image 25

Muto Imaginem

Taste of herbs and spices 4
Disguise of the transformed image 15
Visions of Infernal terrors 30

Perdo Imaginem

Invisibility of standing wizards 5
Illusion of cool flames 5
Veil of invisibility 10
Chamber of Invisibility 15

Rego Imaginem

Restore the moved image 5, 25
Wizards sidestep 10
Captive Voice 15
Image from the wizard torn (Req: In) 30
Haunt of living ghost 30
Illusion of Misplaced castle 50

Creo Mentem

Words of the unbroken silence 5
Panic 'trembling heart 15
Pains of Perpetual worry 20
Weight of 1000 hells 25
Gift of reason 25

Intellego Mentem

All InMe spells in the rulebook, in one volume stamped "From Duresca"

Muto Mentem

Subtle Shift of Heart 10
Enchantment of Detachment 15
Recollection of memories never quite lived 25
Mind of the Beast (Req: An) 30

Perdo Mentem

Lay to rest haunting spirit 5, 25, 45
Loss of but a moments memory 10
Calm motion of the heart 15
Black Whisper 35

Rego Mentem

Ring ward vs. spirits 10, 30
Call to slumber 10
Scent of peaceful slumber 15
Aura of rightful authority 20
The Descent of Jacob's Ladder (Req: In) by Juanita 25 NEW!
Incant of Summon dead 25
Shrouded glen 40

Creo Terram

Create Blasting Powder (Req: Ig) by Petronius 15 NEW!
Esteban's Crushing Blow (Req: Au) by Esteban 20 NEW!
Wall of protecting stone 25
Opening the Earths pore (Req: Ig) 40

Intellego Terram

Eyes of Treacherous terrain 20
Miners Keen Eye 20
Trails of faerie glow 25
Sense feet tread earth 30
Stone Tell of the Mind that sits 30

Muto Terram

Crystal dart 10
Forgiving Earth 15
Earth breaks no more 20
Teeth of the Earth mother 35

Perdo Terram

Fist of shattering 10
Stone to falling dust 25

Rego Terram

Unseen arm 5
Unseen porter 10
Earths carbuncle 15
Hands grasping earth 15
Earthshock 30
Earth split asunder 30

Creo Vim

Phantom gift 15

Intellego Vim

Invisible eye revealed 10, 20, 35
Scales of magical weight 5
Sense nature of Vis 5
Scent of the Distilled Magics by Laudus 10 NEW!
Glimpse Through the Mystic Veil by Julius 20 NEW!
Inexorably Seek the Manifested Entity by Esteban 35 NEW!
Sight of the active magics 40

Muto Vim

Wizards Boost 10, 20
Sorcerer's fork 5, 25
Gather essence of the beast 15

Perdo Vim

Disenchant 10, 30
Demon's Eternal Oblivion by Felix 10, 20
Tide of Demonic Oblivion 5, 20
Curse of Mundanity by Johannes 32 NEW!
Demon's Eternal Oblivion by Secunda 30, 40, 60, 85
Tide of Demonic Oblivion 35

Rego Vim

Circular wards against demon by Felix 15, 45
Watching ward 20, 40, 75
Aegis of the Hearth 10, 20, 35, 45, 55, 70
Aegis of the Hearth by Caecilius 35, 50
Aegis of the Hearth by Secunda 85
Aegis of the Hearth Anonymous 45

New Spells

A Home for Fish

By Esteban
F/T/L: CrAq 20 Range: Near/Sight Duration: Sun
Target: Structure
Fills one man-made structure with water.

Esteban's Resounding Blow

By Esteban
F/T/L: CrAu 35 Range: Sight Duration: Momentary
Target: Boundary/Sight
All caught within the spell's effect must make a stamina stress roll on the following table:
0 - 3: Deafened Permanently
4 - 8: Deafened for a season
9 - 13: Deafened for a month
14+: unaffected
The spell's area of effect excludes an area large enough for a single person at its center.

Saint Elmo's Fiery Armour

By Esteban
F/T/L: CrAu 45 Range: Touch/Near Duration: Conc+5/Sun
Target: Room
As circling winds of protection (ArM 121), but anyone close enogh to be blown back is struck by a +25 damage lightning bolt.

Read the Eolian Tapestry

By Esteban
F/T/L: InAu 30 Range: Sight Duration: Sun
Target: Room
Air currents appear faintly and translucently outlined to the caster. Slower currents are blue, faster ones redder. Magical Auram effects glow. This spell will reveal invisible objects which impede the flow of air, but does not provide any such flow, so a still invisible mage in still air will not be revealed. The spell does not impair normal vision.

Sight of Life's Light

By Julius
F/T/L: InCo 25 Range: Sight Duration: Sun
Target: Room
This spell allows the caster to detect life within the room where it is cast. Humans appear to glow; all undead or mages / creatures with magical resistance will not glow.

Muezzin's Call

by Aertes
F/T/L: PeCo 25 Range: Near Duration: Inst
Target: Individual
Breaks both of the target's legs

Miguel's Cantrip

by Aertes
F/T/L: CrIm 4 Range: Touch Duration: Concentration
Target: Small
Creates a small, obviously magical human figure, with indistinct features, on or below the caster's outstretched hand. The figure appears to be made from sand, but may move, dance and so on, provided that it remains in physical contact with the caster. It does not make any sound.

Mirror to the Mind's Eye

by Aertes
F/T/L: CrIm 15 Range: Reach Duration: Sun
Target: Room
Create an illusion (comprising of both sight and sound) of something that the caster is picturing. This can either be a current image (including magically enhanced perception as per Summoning the Distant Image or Sight of Life's Light, as well as normal senses), memory, or an invented scene (the latter may require a Finesse roll, as per AM p140). The illusion may be scaled and positioned as desired by the caster, up to the limits of the spell's range. Common examples include small "puppet theatres" on a tabletop, or overlaying the effects of enhanced vision on reality. The illusion shimmers slightly (as if it were dusted with sand), which would probably allow it to be recognised as a magical effect. The caster may dismiss the effect at any time; the spell then finishes. A concentration roll is required to change what is being displayed, or to animate a remembered or imagined image. The spell does not otherwise require concentration to maintain (in particular, concentration is not required to merely keep pace with the caster's perceptions).

The Descent of Jacob's Ladder

by Juanita
F/T/L: ReMe 25 Ritual Range: Touch Duration: Sun
Target: Individual
[There is a vis cost of 5 pawns of mentem vis in performing this ritual]

The ritual requires fasting and prayer from sunrise to sunset to prepare onself spiritually for the spell. The prayer, and metaphorical components of the ritual mean that casting this particular spell is equally suitable for Christians and Jews, adaptable for muslims [Islam & Judaism separate at Issac, who is the grandfather of Jacob and ultimately involve the same god, so adaptations should be minimal, but nevertheless require some additional lab work]. This particular ritual is unsuitable for atheists and pagans.

Following sunset, the caster must anoint a large stone with oil wich has been imbued with the mentem vis. The stone should be placed under the head of the sleeping target of the spell, as a pillow, or the target of the spell should voluntarilly choose to use the stone as a pillow in order to go to sleep. Finally the caster should pick up a handfull of earth from the ground and scatter it in the wind. The caster will then enter a sleeplike trance which they are unable to leave until either sunrise (when the spell will end) or the target wakes up.

While in the trance state, the caster projects themself into the target's dream - which they enter as if descending a ladder from the heavens. Since this is primarily a rego effect, the key effect is the ability to affect and through one's actions influence the dream. Since intellego is only a requisite, this means the caster may not have perfect vision, and will not necessarily understand symbols which are important to the target but irrelevant. The caster will, however, always be able to distinguish the target. Other aspects depend upon each individual dream, and may vary accordingly.

The casting of spells within dreams is not possible, since dreams work on an entirely different, symbolic and metaphysical level.

Instill All-Melting Heat

by Petronius
F/T/L: CrIg 20 Range: Near/Sight Duration: Moment
Target: Individual Spell Focus: +3 Chrysolite Requisite: Form of target
'Instill All-Melting Heat' heats a stone or metal object enough to melt steel, and does +15 damage if applied to a helmet or breastplate. The effects follow naturally from a temperature of ca. 1500 degrees. Flammable plant or animal object are set aflame. For a live plant, animal or corpus the spell loses fatigue as the spell below and set hair or reasonably flammable clothes (or plant parts) aflame. Liquids are vapourised and fires are intensified, spreading where they can.

Instill All-Freezing Cold

by Petronius
F/T/L: PeIg 20 Range: Near/Sight Duration: Moment
Target: Individual Spell Focus: +3 Garnet Requisite: Form of target
'Instill All-Freezing Cold' freezes objects. Fires go house->camp, bonfire->torch, campfires->out. Living things are chilled, lose one fatigue level and make a stamina stress roll at +6 to avoid losing a second. Liquids, fogs and other dampness are frozen. The spell counteracts heat/flame spells, but will not counteract flame damage after the fact. As for the previous spell there is a form requisite for any object targeted.

Create Blasting Powder

by Petronius
F/T/L: CrTe(Ig) 15 Range: Touch Duration: Sun
Target: Individual Requisite: Ignem
Create 100 Kg of good-quality gunpowder.

Esteban's Crushing Blow

by Esteban
F/T/L: CrTe(Au) 20 Range: Reach/Near Duration: Sun/Inst
Target: ??? Requisite: Auram
Creates a 15'x15'x5' block of "airstone". Airstone is as heavy as granite, but seems to be made of clouds. Nonetheless, it is nonmagical if vis is used.

Scent of the Distilled Magics

by Laudus
F/T/L: InVi 10 Range: ??? Duration: ???
Target: ???
More details here...

Glimpse Through the Mystic Veil

by Julius
F/T/L: InVi 20 Range: Near Duration: Concentration
Target: Individual Spell Focus: A Sapphire (+1)
(From P174 of the Wizard's Grimoire)
If the caster is in or near a regio, this spell lets him see into the adjacent levels, and thus enter them. If there are two adjacent levels, one above and one below, the caster can see both, but (obviously) can only enter one at a time. The spell must be maintained until the caster has entered another level; it cannot be done from memory. There is a version of this spell for each type of regio.

Inexorably Seek the Manifested Entity

By Esteban
F/T/L: InVi 35 Range: Arcane Connection Duration: Concentration
Target: Individual
Similarly to The Inexorable Search (ArM 124) this spell allows the caster to locate an entity of manifested magical energy on a map.

Curse of Mundanity

by Johannes
F/T/L: PeVi 32 Range: Near Duration: Diameter
Target: Individual

Reduce the casting total of all magic cast by the target by half the level of the spell.