Steve's PGP Page

PGP - Pretty Good Privacy - is a very useful tool for ensuring privacy in communication, and also authentication of messages public and private. It is one of the core tools used in the Debian project to enable authentication of communications and packages.

To search for a PGP 2.6 compatible key, check the old key servers.

For more recent keys, has a much better key search page.

I've used a range of keys over the years. Most are old and revoked, but they're here in case you need to validate an old signature or something.

Type/size Key ID Fingerprint Notes
1024-bit RSA 28BC4B59481C6B95 66 93 C2 40 B3 CE 14 1C 74 04 0A 77 3B F5 E5 70 Old PGP-2 key, long revoked. Was used for personal and Debian stuff.
1024-bit DSA 7C3B797088C7C1F7 AC65 6D79 E362 32CF 77BB B0E8 7C3B 7970 88C7 C1F7 Old OpenPGP v5 DSA key, long revoked. Was used for personal and Debian stuff, including some old Debian CD releases
1024-bit DSA 182BF123C7B611A3 91F0 A1B9 EDA5 113B 0B29 A8D2 182B F123 C7B6 11A3 Old work key (Plasmon), long revoked
4096-bit RSA 587979573442684E CEBB 5230 1D61 7E91 0390 FE16 5879 7957 3442 684E Current key, used for personal and Debian stuff
4096-bit RSA DA87E80D6294BE9B DF9B 9C49 EAA9 2984 3258 9D76 DA87 E80D 6294 BE9B Current Debian CD signing key
4096-bit RSA EB9645763B7698EA F1F3 1679 D15E A7B4 4E69 CE17 EB96 4576 3B76 98EA Current work key (Arm/Linaro)