From: (Dan Sheppard)
Subject: Re: SIGBUS
Date: 22 May 1996 00:33:11 GMT

In article <4nt8u7$>,
Alex Burr <> wrote:
>I've just been handed two of these by trn. What is it? Is it the sort of
>thing trn can do itself, like a SIGSEGV, or a hardware fault?

A SIGSEGV is an attempt to do an _illegal_ thing,
A SIGBUS is an attempt to do an _immoral_ thing.

For example *NULL is illegal, it's breaking and entering, trying to
smash up something which you have no right too,

whereas *(char *)0x00000002 on many larger machines is immoral, you're trying
to get your memory to do a misaligned access, half from one side of
a wall and half from another, which would, no doubt, get it thrown out
of the army.

For all those wondering I present the dps guide to SIGs.

SIGHUP a. You're dumped, see if you can live alone, cackle, cackle.
b. I think you need to reconsider your position in life.

SIGINT Oy, you.

SIGQUIT Bog off.

SIGILL What, me do that, with my war-wounded ALU?

SIGBUS Eugh, your disgusting, I couldn't do that.

SIGFPE Look I never was any good at maths, I was more of an arts
person really.....

SIGKILL You are dead.

SIGUSR1 Prod (Left hand side)

SIGSEGV Your nicked, sonny.

SIGUSR2 Prod (Right hand side)

SIGPIPE Lecturer, the students are asleep, nobody's listening to you.

SIGALRM Student, you're asleep.

SIGTERM You are being asked to resign.....

SIGCHLD Mr. Process, it's bad news I'm afraid, perhaps you better
sit down, it's your child....

SIGCONT Sorry about that, right, yes, anyway, I'm all ears again
now, fire away.

SIGSTOP Hang on a moment, I think I'm going to sneeze.

SIGTSTP Could you stop in a sec, I think I'm going to sneeze.

SIGTTIN Hang on, you mean there's a real world out there??? And I
need to ask them a question?

SIGTTOU Hang on, you mean there's a real world out there??? And I
need to tell them something?

SIGURG I am an orange, you are a camel, la de da, brwrwrwrwrwrwrw.

SIGWINCH Wow, I can see for miles now. The worlds really big, hangon
it's shrinking. Where's that chocolate?

SIGPWR The auxillary power is failing Cap'n. We've got 20 minutes
of air left, Jim.